Best Enterprise Password Manager Solutions for 2023

If someone has set an easily guessable, commonly used password, it will most likely be deciphered by the hackers in seconds. For existing accounts where credentials were user-generated, a password vault manager should be able to alert employees if their current passwords are weak. For new accounts, the vault manager, upon the user’s request, should generate solid credentials and save them for later use. Because this process takes just a few seconds to complete, it encourages employees to eventually migrate all their credentials to the vault manager so that they’re consistently updated to a dependable strength.

No matter your company’s size, everyone benefits from using a password manager, especially one that allows you to address every part of the employee life cycle. For ease of use, the password manager must be supported across multiple devices, should have a good UI, and must autofill passwords. Bitwarden is one of the leading password managers that network engineers use. It’s open-source, end-to-end AES 256-bit encrypted, and they don’t play around with security. Bitwarden has a bug bounty program and they conduct annual security audits with a third party. While a password manager may have all the features we want, it’s also important to look at some drawbacks that they may have, before choosing one.

Dashlane: Best for cross-platform compatibility

You should also consider installing a security suite, many of which also include password managers. Once you or an employee has a password manager app installed and set up, the password manager enterprise password management in the cloud does much of its job automatically. When you log into a secure site, your password manager offers to save your credentials, so it can fill in the information when you return to the site later.

enterprise password management in the cloud

Use this guide to compare and choose which one is best for your business. Enterprise password management software essentially closes the number-one hole in your attack surface and protects your passwords without slowing down your business by inconveniencing your users. An Enterprise Password Management solution like BeyondTrust Password Safe goes beyond the scope of a traditional corporate password manager. Features that ease the navigation, management, and auditing of complex credential ecosystems ultimately increase enterprise and business password security.

Best Enterprise Password Managers for 2023

We sought a password management platform that we could trust to be secure, effective, and easily adopted by our critical teams. We love it’s zero-knowledge approach, ability to manage secrets and passwords across teams, and it’s company reputation. Introducing a new password management system to your organization requires understanding a range of prior experiences. This might include everything from prior password manager users to pen and paper users.

Secure access to systems, data, secrets and assets with the only EPM solution listed on the FedRAMP marketplace. Secures infrastructure secrets such as API keys, database passwords, access keys, certificates and any type of confidential data. In general, the size of your business will determine the size and scope that your password manager will need to cover — and that will determine the cost. Password Boss’s anti-theft protections also work really well — they let you remotely wipe the data stored on a lost or stolen device, ensuring that none of your business data falls into the hands of bad actors. Strengthen your organization’s IT security defenses by keeping abreast of the latest cybersecurity news, solutions, and best practices.

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Bitwarden offers a range of specific features that make it a comprehensive password management solution for enterprises. Administrators have access to advanced tools such as user management, where they can easily add, remove or modify employee access to credentials. The solution also includes secure password sharing that allows teams to collaborate and share log-in information securely. Bitwarden also integrates seamlessly with single sign-on providers like Okta and Azure Active Directory, streamlining the log-in process for employees across multiple business applications. Additionally, Bitwarden offers comprehensive audit logs and reports for easy monitoring of user activity and maintaining compliance. Dashlane is a password management tool that allows users to access and manage passwords across different devices and platforms.

enterprise password management in the cloud

For instance, employee passwords shouldn’t be visible, and administrators shouldn’t be able to change them. Moreover, the Passportal web-based enterprise password storage system enables you to select specific functions or actions that each account is authorized to use within the platform. This creates a flexible password management system where user permissions can be changed quickly if needed. Frequently, employees may need to access multiple accounts for the same application. A password manager that facilitates easy switching between multiple identities used for a single-application is essential to cater for broader use-cases that exist within departments such as finance and IT. One purpose of a password manager is to make things easier for employees, not to give them yet another password to remember.


Quality password managers encrypt the data securely using ciphers like AES-256. Most of these tools also have built-in random password generators, making it easy to create secure passwords. Sticky Password offers high-level security and a decent range of features. Honestly, it’s not my favorite password manager on this list, mainly because of its somewhat outdated interface.

  • Both management and I were a bit disappointed with their unwillingness to negotiate on their pricing but in the long run decided the product was worth what they were asking.
  • Imagine if a bad actor stole the credentials of an average non-techie person.
  • Password managers empower employees to manage and share credentials securely, including those that might be unique to individual employees or teams.
  • Shared accounts are common in businesses for many businesses and use cases but present a security concern.
  • This is particularly important for shared accounts and systems that must be kept highly secure.
  • After all, an average data breach will cost your company $3.86 million.

I’m a big fan of Dashlane’s dark web monitoring — during my tests, it found that a significant number of employee accounts had been leaked in a data breach (including my marketing team’s old Canva account!). A couple of the other password managers I tested found this breach, too. However, Dashlane not only found the most breached accounts across our company vault; it also provided the most actionable steps for fixing these logins.

Transforming Credentials Today for a Safer Tomorrow

All tiers have access to a helpful password generator that enables users to quickly create strong and unique credentials. Additionally, NordPass keeps user activity logs that enable an organization to track password usage and overall health. You also get cross-platform support, auto-fill capabilities, and the ability to store different types of credentials. Keeper is ideal for business owners who want to keep tabs on their workers’ password hygiene habits.

Nonetheless, RoboForm password manager is reliable, and the features it does have operate seamlessly to protect your business credentials. Password generation, sharing, and syncing are included, as is offline access and SSO technology. Admins can manage user groups, enforce password security or data security policies across the organization, as well as perform security audits (with robust reporting tools at their disposal). Elements such as role-based access can also be configured, really giving admins the ability to fine-tune the system. They are important to protect businesses, as well as their customers and clients – especially when employees may be working outside the office, such as at home, but still require secure access to workflows.

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However, experts suggest having a failsafe authentication system, such as MFA, to complicate breach attempts further. Cloud-sync managers, on the other hand, store credentials and related data on a remote server. This allows several devices to access the same credentials, which is useful for those who work from home and may need to rotate between a tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. However, cloud systems are far more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and can provide hackers with more information than they initially sought.